TFS1 - Through Fix System

A large format aluminium cladding panel with fire, wind and impact performance certification.

A2, S1, D0 classification of reaction to fire performance in accordance with EN 13501-1: 2018.

CWCT approved

CWCT is a publisher of standards and guidance on corrosion, intrusion, fenestration, weather and fire resistance, acoustic and impact performance, of building envelopes, façades, cladding and glazing.

CWCT sequence B tests the Air-Permeability, water-tightness, wind resistance, water penetration and impact resistance, ensuring the full system performs physically and the maintenance and servicing can be done safely.

EN 13501-1 standards

EN 13501-1 is a European testing standard for building products, fire classification of construction products and building elements.

Building materials are classified according to their contribution to a fire. Not only are fire properties considered, but also smoke emissions and the possible formation of burning drips.

The reaction to fire properties of powder coated aluminium are A2 -s1, d0 which means it is classified as having no or negligible contribution to the fire. In addition, producing little or no smoke, and no burning droplets or particles.



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