Our spandrel panels are available in a wide range of materials, finishes and visual effects as well as bespoke designs and sizes.  This allows them to match or contrast with the vision area of the curtain wall installation.  Our spandrel panels can be supplied with or without insulation, along with:

  • Glass fronted (single or double glazed opaque, coated or uncoated glass)
  • High levels of insulated
  • Screen printed
  • Shaped
  • Projecting or recessed
  • Flush, rebated, top hat or special formed rear tray design


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We are pleased to announce that Eltherington has successfully passed CWCT tests with an oversized cladding panels.

CWCT is the leading test house and confirms that our rainscreen façade systems have been successfully tested in line with CWCT Standard Sequence B. This covers:

  • Air permeability
  • Water Penetration
  • Wind Resistance (Serviceability & Safety) Impact resistance.

Antony Eltherington, added: “Whilst façade performance can be calculated to a certain extent, it is no substitute for an actual physical CWCT test because it replicates the most extreme conditions that buildings can be subjected to.”

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