5-4-3-2-1  Rainscreen Cladding treats from Eltherington Architectural

5 – New aluminium rainscreen systems we successfully CWCT tested in May.  


4 – Castellation profile options with CWCT accreditation.  

3 – 3D Domed Design  

We are able to offer a range of 3D finish options to provide many unique and innovative creative solutions. Within our CNC punch facility, we have numerous punch tools for 3D designs, either convex or concave.



2 – Fire rating options achieved by our aluminium cladding panels, A1 & A2  

Choosing your material is the first step in specifying a facade that will bring your design to life. The fire rating of the material you specify is paramount and should be the first question when choosing from the vast range of cladding panels on the market.


1 – Façade hanging systems – Hilti Eurofox

At Eltherington, we offer a fully tested range of façade system solutions, along with technical and engineering support from Hilti, our preferred supplier. See the diagram below to find out how we work with Hilti to support your projects.





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