Eltherington Vitrabond and VIVIX® specified at MIND

MIND, a multi-million pound mental health recovery centre in Coventry, is currently being clad in our Formica VIVIX® and Vitrabond ACM panels.                In combination, they are helping to create a striking, yet subtle façade that will complement the developments green surroundings.  
Formica VIVIX®, a solid cladding material, was specified by IDP Architects in Cottage Oak, with the 8mm thick panels cut to size and face routed to create a vertical planked-effect facade. 
Our Vitrabond Ersatze Zinc Charcoal FR grade was also specified for the development, with the faces specially routed, grooved and then folded to meet the architect’s bespoke design. 
Vitrabond panels are made from two aluminium or other natural metal cover sheets, sandwiching a fire rated FR or A2 core. 
When completed this summer, MIND will provide a state-of-the-art recovery centre for service users that will change the future of mental health care in Coventry. 
The cladding panels are being fitted by Eltherington’s installation partner, providing the client and main contractor with a joined up approach across the external facade.


At a glance - Formica VIVIX®

Our VIVIX® solid phenolic, engineered exterior façade panels have a decorative surface on both sides.This lightweight rainscreen cladding panel combines excellent weather and UV resistance properties for enhanced durability and maintenance. Being lightweight and strong allows the creation of elegant facades that can be designed so that they appear to float over the underlying structure.
10 Benefits of Formica VIVIX®


  1. 6,8,10mm board thickness
  2. Decorative surface both side
  3. Wide range of colours and patternsMIND2
  4. UV resistance
  5. Highly durable
  6. Impact resistant
  7. Does not rot, resilient to cracking
  8. Easy to clean and maintain
  9. Dimensional stability
  10. Lightweight yet strong


To find out more about Formica VIVIX, plus the extensive range of finish options, click HERE


At a glance – Vitrabond ACM

Vitrabond is a lightweight metal composite cladding panel that is ideal for external facades, fascias, rainscreen cladding and solar shading fins.  Our Vitrabond panels have a fire rated FR/A2 core, making them suitable for use on a wider range of projects. 
A key benefit of Vitrabond is that it is stable, yet readily mouldable, allowing the creation of curves and angles, similar to those specified for MIND.  
10 benefits of Vitrabond
  1. Cost effective
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Robust
  4. Durable
  5. Lightweight
  6. Unlimited colour range
  7. High stock levels
  8. quick turnaround of orders
  9. 20 year warranty
  10. Non combustible A2 core available
The benefits and extensive range of finish options, click HERE


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  1. Understanding of the rainscreen principles
  2. Increased awareness of rainscreen benefits
  3. How to specify aluminium rainscreen cladding
  4. What finishes are most appropriate to my project
  5. Achieving a lower carbon footprint


New products

We are excited to announce that we have three new rainscreen planking systems currently undergoing stringent CWCT testing.
When installed with our Hilti subframe, these innovative systems allow a precise and efficient installation, with perfect joint lines and accurate tolerances. 
Our new pressed, clip and extruded plank options come in a range of sizes, colours and materials that give the specifier and contractor unlimited design options. 
For more information on our new planking systems or to discuss design installation with our approved cladding installers, please contact us HERE




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